Rowley Electric Ltd provides, installs, and services various makes and models of backup Generators. We provide efficient, and reliable Emergency Back-up Power Generator-based solutions. We are a Generac dealer/service provider as well as a Kohler deal/service provider. We provide our customers with a wide selection of power output and voltage capacities, complete with Automatic Power Transfer gear for maximum security and protection. Here at Rowley Electric we can build generators to suit any application.

Quality Products

Rowley Electrical services all types of generators. We provide annual inspections to our long list of residential customers. We also provide monthly and yearly inspections to commercial businesses from small retail establishments to large chain retailers, municipalities and townships. All inspections are done to CSA standards.

Minimal Maintenance

Many of our generating units are liquid cooled and require minimal maintenance. With an Automatic Transfer Switch, your generator is always standing by ready to protect your home or facility with essential AC power in the event of a grid power failure.

Ensuring Your Needs are Met

We perform complete installations and other controls, fuel supply tanks, hook-ups and mounting pads where required. Rowley Electric also supplies and installs GenerLink devices that transfer power from the meter base to portable generator power systems. Maintenance plans are available complete with log book for insured performance.